The bullfighting sector continues to grow and in Madrid (San Isidro) despite animalistic or mascot efforts. The amateur continues to trust in his liking and the mission is to increase the young and the international public.


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Religious funeral in the arena of Las Ventas (Madrid) in memory and reminder of Ivan Fandiño, Gregorio Sanchez and Sebastian Palomo Linares.
A very humble bullfighter of a town in Seville that with sacrifice and much discipline reached very high levels, and remembered as a great bullfighter, especially between 2004 and 2007. A bullfighter, a favorite bullfighter in Madrid, says goodbye he shuns it or denies it, "it is not little
At the beginning of this summer the inauguration of one of the most important world bullfighting libraries is contemplated. It will be in the "Sala José María de Cossío" of the bullring of "Las Ventas". The Carriquiri Library with 18,000 bullfighting volumes, posters and first level works.