Already confirmed cartels Morante de la Puebla for the 2016 season Sevilla shared with Juli, two evenings in "Farolillos" from the April Fair.
Following the refusal of the City of Madrid ofManuela Carmena to support management Marcial Lalande de Madrid School of bullfighting, the Commission Bullfighting Affairs Center attempts to convince the Governing Council of the Community of Madrid, the management and design of a School of Bullfighting .


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The Fair of Bull of Olivenza was officially launched on February 4, but can now confirm that one of the bullfighters will present Miguel Angel Perera, who reappear after six months of rehabilitation and preparation, after his serious accident, 15 September 2015, in Salamanca
The Foundation Fighting Bull has distributed between the Union of Federations of Spain Bullfighting amateur, federations and other members and sympathizers set a glossary of legal actions to protect bullfighting and denounce the various attacks it has suffered.
Back Winter Fair Vistalegre (Madrid) - 20 and 21 February, where it was located the old bullring of "La Chata", and with it become two fighters, two heroes.