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The hunting sector goes out into the street tired of the attacks and insults of the animalists and the helplessness they suffer from public institutions.


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One does not trust anything / nobody anymore. Such is the skein of strange facts that surround us that nothing / nobody can be discarded. Under a sheet of varnish of goodness, the animalist is pure cruelty against those who defend their work and their sector, legal, and with the maximum guarantees of animal care.
The Spanish Constitutional Court lifts the suspension of the bullfights to the Balearic Islands, that is to say, that allows bullfights without blood in the ring.
The "Zero Law" of the PACMA animalism party believes that more than a law of protection and welfare of animals, it is a law aimed at the denaturalization of life and the transhumanization of man. Not for something positive but negative. Finish also with the natural world and hacinar man in an urban and unnatural life. Read the book "A Happy World" by Aldoux Huxley
The farewell of one of the American bullfighters with more baggage in the last third of the 20th century. Morenito from Maracay