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Brief review of the history of bullfighting in Spain. Bullfighting and anti-tourism and the arcaigo roots of the bullfighting tradition in the European and Spanish people.
The Plaza de las Ventas (Madrid) is continuously updated in new audiovisual technologies to promote and promote the art and culture of bullfighting and bullfighting.
The draw and the kick come back to Madrid (Las Ventas). San Isidro 2019 will have a draw for 10 bullfighters and 10 first level ranches. Will any figure be scored after the collapse of Alejandro Talavante?
First informative advances of the bullfighting season 2019. Corrida de Domingo de Ramos, Dates of Vistalegre (Madrid), winter fair. We will add winter information in this post.


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The American bullfight season, with the posters of "La Mexico", begins with the intention of relaunching its shows, in quality and number of spectators. This has been recognized by the senator, farmer and businessman, Pedro Haces, "Don Bull"
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