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At the beginning of this summer the inauguration of one of the most important world bullfighting libraries is contemplated. It will be in the "Sala José María de Cossío" of the bullring of "Las Ventas". The Carriquiri Library with 18,000 bullfighting volumes, posters and first level works.
Economic, social, political, ideological, cultural and even metaphysical interests behind the prohibition of bullfighting, with an Animal Welfare Law, which could lead to the prohibition of consumption and production of animal meat and after fishing.
According to the newspaper El Mundo, Alejandro Talavante will reappear this 2020 season, on April 11, Saturday of Glory, at the French Fair of Arles.
Brief review of the history of bullfighting in Spain. Bullfighting and anti-tourism and the arcaigo roots of the bullfighting tradition in the European and Spanish people.
The Plaza de las Ventas (Madrid) is continuously updated in new audiovisual technologies to promote and promote the art and culture of bullfighting and bullfighting.
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