We publish in this section everything about the bullfighting season: Fairs, dates, bullfighters, ranches, and which are of interest and related to the sale of tickets and abonnements.

The 'Carnival of the Bull' of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca) dresses in luxury to receive several figures in its traditional fair of the month of February.
The dates on which the Castellón Fair is going to be celebrated are already known. It will take place from March 15 to 22, 2020. It will coincide in some days with Fallas (Valencia). It will have the figures and livestock of interest.
This bloody weekend has brought true guardian angels to the forefront: Bullfighting surgeons and their medical teams.
A very humble bullfighter of a town in Seville that with sacrifice and much discipline reached very high levels, and remembered as a great bullfighter, especially between 2004 and 2007. A bullfighter, a favorite bullfighter in Madrid, says goodbye he shuns it or denies it, "it is not little


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The changes and evolutions of the bull bull fight, provided they do not break with the purity of it, are fundamental. Changes in the puya, banderillas and the form of itching are essential to take care of them.
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