Feelings of a bullfight is not the first time they are compared to those of a Japanese "samurai" warrior. He already did Joaquin Sabina with his friend Jose Tomás or the teacher Antoñete, in some of his poetry or he and now he does it with a film, the director of Talavera de la Reina, Juan Figueroa.

The film is titled "Sobrenatural" and the absolute protagonist is the 84-year-old bullfighter, Andrés Vázquez. A bold, different, sincere bullfighter who triumphed with hard cattle and all kinds of bulls in the 60s and 70s. There are many phrases left by this bullfighter in the midst of bullfighting.

The film has already collected some awards as the best experimental film in Sydney (Australia). It is a mystical feature film, between San Juan de la Cruz and Yukio Mishima. The mystical, transcendental feelings that a bullfighter must face each time he must deal with a brave bull. Like the samurai, their path of light and triumph must first pass in the darkness of loneliness and fear and also of death.

The protagonist reflects through solitary, lifeless environments, almost like "Mars", the different states of consciousness through which he goes. Andrés Vázquez comments: "I understood what the director wanted when he told me to act from within, which is how I have always fought, from the feelings I did not know to read or write, I was a bullfighter because of the feelings. That have artistic feelings, totally ancient. "

It is not the first foray into the Zamorano maestro's cinema. Friend of Orson Welles - brought to Villalpando, where he was confused with a picador, to eat a stew at his mother's house - He played some roles in the 60s. Among them, he emphasized the movie "I have Seen to the death "of José María Forqué, in which Vázquez interprets passages of his own life incarnating a cape in capea.

Bullfighting, the fight against the bull (the animal symbol of the pagan), goes back thousands of years, almost from the beginning of mankind, and is now being replaced by a superficial and hypocritical sentiment of misunderstood animalism.

Andrés Vázquez amazes as an actor, of great intensity and present in each plane. "He himself was surprised to see what was inside him," and that maybe "he had not managed to express in front of the bull." Yet he has always been a bullfighter considered pure and full of truth.For all the above, it must be an indispensable film to see if we want to go deeper into bullfighting, so vilified today, and that bullfighting is something more than "olés". They are observed thousands of years old and are within the most intrinsic of human culture.