It is a real joy that in other countries that are not Spanish-speaking, share our culture, and more bullfighting. One such case is Italy.
The "Taurino Italiano Club", located in the city of Turin, has awarded this weekend, with its "Opera Taurine" award, work of the Florentine Silvano Porciani, to the Victorino Martín dynasty.

The first edition was awarded to Santiago Martín "El Viti". It is not a prize given to a season, but to figures who have dedicated their lives to the bull.

The trophy is a minotaur in bronze, delivered by its president Paolo Mosole and its vice president Gaetano Fortini. A prize for a life dedicated to bulls, a paradigm of caste, bravery and emotion. The fundamental principles of the Fiesta Brava.

During the interesting colloquium the beginnings and present of the cattle ranch and its possible future were analyzed, as well as the videos of two historical bulls of the house: "Director", awarded with the return to the arena in the historic afternoon of 1 June 1982 in "Las Ventas" in Madrid, and "Cobradiezmos", pardoned on April 13, 2016, in the Real Maestranza de Caballerías de Sevilla. In this respect, the farmer said: "Now the public does not value as much" the vermin "that used to go out in the past and want to see a bull that allows the bullfighter to show off. But these changes come more than a century ago when bravery was only measured in Horse".
For the brave cattleman is "the bull's ability to fight to the end with power, fierceness and nobility, because bravery without nobility is not bravery."

And he continues: "To explain it and to compare it with a car, given that Turin is the city of cars, bravery or caste would be the motor and nobility would be the wheels and the steering wheel, without which it would be impossible to drive. Two elements are fundamental for bravery, otherwise the car would not go anywhere and the bull would be like an indomitable beast that could not be bullied. That's why "Cobradiezmos" is the almost perfect bull.

He describes it as the almost perfect bull, although he remembered that in the last years there were great bulls, that could have been pardoned, like "Mecanizado" or "Borgoñés".

They also talked about the prospects of the Fiesta, Victorino Martín said that "the sector has to unite more and communicate better our culture. He also likes the idea of ​​promoting a show in which the "bull is the protagonist as we tried to do in the call - Corrida Total" last October in Illescas. He also believes that "the fans want to see the figures confront bulls from different slopes and hope to target our bullfights on more occasions."

The members of the Taurino Club of Italy who came from all over the country were delighted with the prize and the assistance of such an outstanding cattle breed.

At the beginning of this year 2017, bulls of Victorino Martín can be seen in the bullfight of April 9, with bullfighters like Ivan Fandiño, Alberto Aguilar and Gómez del Pilar.

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