Seville is these last weeks a source of rumors.

For example, a run run that has been circulating in recent days is the possible hand-to-hand Morante and Manzanares would decide next Sunday Resurrection. The two most revered figures in El Baratillo, the two bullfighters with more supporters along the Guadalquivir, face to face, in what would be one of the strongest signs of this beginning of the year.

But what about Roca Rey? In theory the Peruvian would complete the tender that opened the year in La Maestranza, as the visible head of the new generation and as legitimate winner of the previous exercise. Therefore, the logic says that, in case of not torear that day in the sevillano coso, the limeño would act until three afternoons of luster within the fertilizer.

One more year, another of the names that jumps to the talk is that of Jose Tomás. There is no season that is not related to Galapagar with La Maestranza, although the fact is that since 2002 does not do the paseíllo in this square. On this occasion, the rumors are centered around Sunday May 14, a week after the end of the fair, in an extraordinary run that would replace Corpus, where, as last year, a program was scheduled Novillada

Of the rest, it is commented that El Juli and Talavante would fight the corrida of Garcigrande next to a young bullfighter, and that Padilla and Escribano will act two afternoons in the serial, like last year's winners. The jerezano seems fixed on Saturday of lanterns, a day of marked media accent, next to Rivera Ordonez and El Fandi, while Escribano will repeat next to Ureña, with the motto of Victorino Martín, after the historical afternoon that both carried out before the 'albaserradas '.

The rest of the figures and the young people (José Garrido, Ginés Marín, Javier Jiménez, Joaquín Galdós, who was a step away from opening the Prince's Gate last year ...) will gradually be joining both official posters closing the company.


The list of livestock has been known for some time:

Juan Pedro Domecq (02/08/1790), Miura (04/30/1849), Daniel Ruiz Yagüe (09/20/1914), Victorino Martín Andrés (05/29/1919), José Benítez Cubero (10/09 / 1939), Victoriano del Río Cortés (12/07/1942), Jandilla (03/05/1951), Fermín Bohórquez (17/05/1951), Torrestrella (02/02/1951), Garcigrande (06/29/1986 (17/05/1991), El Pilar (06/30/1991), Las Ramblas (24/09/1995), Fuente Ymbro (17/03/2002) and Manuel and Antonio Tornay Antiquity). "And García-Jiménez.

Surely, like previous years, we sold tickets of "pack of two bullfights". Namely, the Resurrection Sunday (April 16 + first celebration of the serial), and consecutive days of the Fair.

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