We are not yet a month before the bullfight and the tickets for March 11 are already running low.

- Do not run out of tickets and get yours -

The reappearance of the Sevillian bullfighter, in an exceptional way, Pepe Luis Vázquez (bullfighter of dynasty) is attracting much fan of all the parts of Spain. The "taurinos" are looking forward to original shows and to renew their tauromáquicos tastes.

In addition, seconded by the master Morante de la Puebla, one of the bullfighters with more followers of the world, and as an exceptional witness, the Alicante Jose Maria Manzanares, of which no one is ever forgotten, for its packaging and flashes of great figure.

A bullfight that can not be missed, in a Fair of the Miracle of Illescas (Toledo) that raises its level of attraction to each passing year

Recall that last year entrepreneur Maximino Perez took over with the management of the cosmos toledano, with the celebration of the Spring Race that announced to Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Lopez Simón. This year the Miracle Fair expands, with three novilleros, two already contrasted as the Mexican, Leo Valadez; The Frenchman, Andy Younes and the young Spanish promise, Marcos.La management of this square will be 10 years.

The current bullring of Illescas was built in 1997 under the orders of Diego Garteiz.
Until that date the bullfights had been celebrated in a portable bullring.
The poster chosen for its inauguration on September 1, 1997 was formed by the right-handers César Rincón, "El Cid" and César Jiménez with Buenavista bulls.

It is a construction that allows it to be used as a covered sewer or as an outdoor installation.

Ctra. Ugena, s / n. CP. 45,200
5830 spectators.
3rd category