Today, February 2, the official posters of Valencia (Fallas) have been made public. They are celebrated from the 10 to the 19 of March (Day of San José). All the figures of the national bullfighting scene are present, except Morante de la Puebla.

It is worth mentioning the presence of the bullfighter from Jaen, Curro Díaz and from Murcia, Paco Ureña, who have not seen for years and the reappearance of Manuel Escribano. The Seville bullfighter was truncated last season, after a serious fuck in Alicante, on June 25, with a bull of Adolfo Martín. It should be noted that in Seville, pardoned a bull of Victorino Martín, called "Cobradiezmos".

These are the posters:

V.10 March: Nov s / c Miguel Senent 'Miguelito' (School of Tauromachy of Valencia), Ramón Serrano (Bullfighting School of Murcia) and Álvaro Passalacqua (School of Tauromachy of Malaga) (Aida Jovani)
S.11: Juan Bautista, Fortes and Álvaro Lorenzo (Alcurrucén)
D.12: Juan José Padilla, Curro Díaz and Manuel Escribano, reappearance (Fuente Ymbro)
L.13: Nov. Diego Carretero, Leo Valadez and Jorge Rico (The Parralejo)
M.14: Nov. Cristian Climent, Andy Younes and Marcos (José Vázquez)
X.15: David Mora, Paco Ureña and Javier Jiménez (Jandilla-Vegahermosa)
J.16: Castella, Perera and Roman (Victoriano del Río-Cortés)
V.17: El Fandi, Jose Maria Manzanares and Roca Rey (Núñez del Cuvillo)
S.18: Enrique Ponce, Cayetano and Ginés Marín (Juan Pedro Domecq)
D.19: Matinal Rej: Diego Ventura, Manuel Manzanares and Lea Vicens (Fermín Bohórquez)
D.19: El Juli, Talavante and Lopez Simón (Garcigrande-Domingo Hernández)

Novillada in the Fair of the Virgin of the Desamparados

D.13 May. Nov: Fernando Beltrán, Alfonso Cadaval and Carlos Ochoa (Sánchez Herrero)

Let us hope that the bulls show strength and bravery and be a fair of cattle successes and bullfighters.

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