The bullfight posters of the Fair of Ajalvir (Madrid), the first fair of the season 2017, are the following:

Saturday 28. Sánchez Vara, César Valencia and José Arcila (Alberto Mateos)
Sunday 29. Alberto Álvarez, Andrés Palacios and the novillero Amor Rodríguez (Orellana Perdiz)

In addition, the Easter bullfight posters of the Amphitheater of Arles (France) have already become official, in a futuristic and crowded auditorium. The posters of the September Rice Fair were also presented.
It will commemorate the centenary of the birth of Manuel Rodriguez "Manolete" and its presetanción, according to the historians, in costume of lights in Arles (France), 2 of June of 1934. It was his only corrida in France, because he could not return by the National War and the Second World War, and his death in Linares (Jaén), on August 28, 1947.

The posters are as follows:

- Friday, April 14: Camargue race
- Saturday 15: Juan Bautista, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey (García Jiménez)
- Sunday 16: Morning: Andy Younes, Tibo Garcia and Adrien Salenc (Gallon, San Sebastian, Cuillé, Fernay, Dos Hermanas and Los Galos)
- Sunday 16: Afternoon: Enrique Ponce, Alejandro Talavante and Thomas Joubert (Juan Pedro Domecq)
- Monday 17: Matinal: Joao Moura Jr., Leonardo Hernandez and Léa Vicens (Fermín Bohórquez)
- Monday 17 Afternoon: Morenito de Aranda, Iván Fandiño and Román (Pedraza de Yeltes)

Saturday 9 de septiembre: Goyesca. El Juli, Juan Bautista y Cayetano (Domingo Hernández)
Sunday 10: Rafaelillo, Medhi Savalli y Ruben Pinar (Miura)
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