The second bullfight of the Valdemorillo (Madrid) Abonnement , of the Festival of San Blas, is made up of a poster of bullfighters who have not had many performances in 2016. What the fans ask for, a poster of new and young bullfighters where To be able to demonstrate its possibilities and its possible future trajectory. Now the important thing is that they go to the bullring.

It forms the cattle ranch of "Buenavista", of origin of Juan Pedro Domecq.

The bullfighters are:

- Cristian Escribano, born in Getafe (Madrid), on April 29, 1991. In the 2016 season, he fought 2 festivities, with 8 ears cut, 3 tasks of "Dos Orejas". A good ecstasy. The most outstanding festivities were his two celebrations of Illescas (Toledo). On April 10, with 6 bulls of different slopes, where he cut 6 ears (2 + 2 + 1 + 1) being ovated in his two bulls not desourage. And again, in Illescas (Toledo) with bulls Victorino Martín, where he cut two ears to one of the astados, the first, which was awarded with the return to the arena. It was the so-called "Total Race" and was a success of spectacle, where a bull was pardoned by Gómez del Pilar, named "Platonic"

- Posada de Maravillas: Juan Luis Ambel Barranco, born in Badajoz, on February 25, 1994. In the 2016 season, he played 5 festivities, with 3 ears cut and 1 task of "Dos Orejas". The most outstanding celebration was in Las Rozas (Madrid), on 1 October, with two ears cut to a bull of Torrestrella.

- Martín Escudero - David Martín Escudero, born in Germany but considered Galapagar (Madrid), on July 10, 1991. In the 2016 season, he fought 4 festivities, with 8 ears cut, 2 tasks of "Dos Orejas".

The most notable festivities were on February 6, precisely in Valdemorillo (Madrid), which cut 1 ear to a bull of Carmen Segovia. On July 24 he cut 3 ears in Collado Villalba (Madrid), bulls of Luis Albarrán and 3 ears in a celebration of Robledo de Chavela (Madrid), bulls of Sancho Dávila. The fifth rookie was awarded with the return to the arena

Hopefully these young bullfighters have the opportunity to make themselves known among the Spanish fan and have a fruitful season. They do not have many occasions during the season and Valdemorillo (Madrid) is a perfect showcase, a very good stage, since it is also considered the first fair of the season.

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