The first bullfight of the Abonnement of Valdemorillo (Madrid), of the Festival of San Blas is conformed by an interesting poster.
It forms the cattle ranch of "Monte de la Ermita" formed from 2013 by bulls and cows of Carmen Segovia, origin of Torrestrella.

It will be on 4 February 2017.

In addition the bullfighters:

-- El Cid: Manuel Jesus Cid Sala, born in Salteras (Seville), on March 10, 1974. In the 2016 season, he fought 30 festivities, with 37 ears cut, 11 faenas of "Dos Orejas". 2 tails and 1 pardon. The most outstanding celebrations were the pardon of a bull of Adolfo Martín, in Santander, 30 of Julio, and 2 ears, to a bull of Victorino Martín, the 17 of September, in Logroño. The name of the bull of Adolfo Martín was "Madroñito". His request for clemency was unanimous.
Logroño's Victorino bull, his name was "Planteadito", was also unanimously asked for his pardon, but the president incomprehensibly denied it.
Hopefully "El Cid" can set a great season 2017 and leave us memories.

- Paulita: Luis Antonio Gaspar Galindo, born in Zaragoza, May 19, 1978. In the 2016 season, he fought 4 festivities, with 4 ears cut and 1 piece of "Dos Orejas". The most celebrated festivities was precisely on February 6 in Valdemorillo (Madrid), with 2 ears on a bull, and with a bull of Monte de la Ermita. The other celebration would be in Azpeitia (Guizpúzcoa), where he cut 1 + 1 ears to roasted Celestino Cuadri, on July 31. In the second of his lot, the second ear was strongly requested.
Hopefully, you will have more opportunities to showcase your virtues and your art.

- Ivan Fandiño: Iván Fandiño Barros, born in Orduña (Vizcaya), on September 29, 1980. In the 2016 season, he fought 38 festivities, with 37 ears cut, 10 tasks of "Dos Orejas". 11 festivities were outside of Spain, between France and Hispano-America. There was 1 pardon. From the name "Fighter"
The most celebrated festivities, on August 6 in Iscar (Valladolid) where he pardoned a bull from the cattle ranch of Mollalta and 2 ears that cut a bull in Guadalajara on September 17 to a bull of José Luis Marca, where he was To a high level, to natural.
Let's hope that Iván Fandiño recovers his morale to return to quotas of previous years. His second part of the 2016 season was over.

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