VAREA: FILE 2016-2017

VAREA: FILE 2016-2017

"Varea", full name, Jonathan Blázquez Rovira, is the youngest bullfighter in the tuesday of Vistalegre (Madrid), on February 25, 2017.

The bullfighter was born in Almazora (Castellón), on November 19, 1993.

In last season 2016 he had 9 celebrations, with the result of 8 ears, with two tasks of "Two Orejas".

His most outstanding performance was on February 28 in Castellón, his land, with a complete bullfight where he cut 4 ears, two of them to a fifth steer of "El Parralejo" that rewarded the return to the arena. The misuse of the sword prevented him from winning more prizes.

Varea took the alternative in Nimes, on May 15, in the afternoon, with bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq, with José María Manzanares, as a godfather and Lopez Simón, as a witness.

This 2017 returns to torerar, like last year 20 of February, in Vistalegre, where we hope to be able to leave by the Big Door.

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