vitoria bullfight tickets

The Bullring de Vitoria (Iradier Arena) is without entrepreneurs.

After the deadline for submission of tenders has expired. No company has been presented and therefore the contest is deserted, so it remains in the hands of the Department of Culture of the town hall of the town.
The City Council of Vitoria, owner of the cosmos, will have to determine a new tender of adjudication, adjusting that yes the conditions that presented the sheet, or negotiate directly with some company directly.

It should be remembered that the specifications required three major celebrations, one could be rejones (horseman)

The conditions of expenditure to exploit the seizure, apparently, were not clear in the specifications of the tender:

- Pay a fee of 3000 euros.

- Run with expenses of 35000 euros of reforms in the square: place the new arena of the square, fees of music, all costs of doctors, veterinarians, employees and all expenses that would not assume the consistory.

- It was not known if the exploitation would be a year or more.

Therefore, no company has decided to bid for the plaza before a large number of insecurities on the sheet. The Consistory does not seem to want to leave vacant this management of the bullring for bullfighting shows.

Finish the term, we insist, without any company or formal offer. "When we see the number of entrepreneurs interested in the sheet, we will see how to act," was the response of Enrike Ruiz de Gordoa, director of Culture of Vitoria. The issue is even more complex: 'For questions of the text they would have to contact our lawyer'. Félix Fernández, one of the businessmen concerned, acknowledged that we asked for the lawyer's number and did not want to give it to us. All nonsense. '

It would be a real shame if the festival of the Virgen Blanca de Vitoria remained without holding bullfights, so traditional.

Already last year it was intuited that there would be problems with the City council and the public institutions to give bulls in Vitoria (Álava). Recall that the mayor is Gorka Urtaran (PNV), has become regidor of the capital Alava, replacing Javier Maroto, with the votes of EH Bildu, Sumando-Hemen Gaude and Irabazi, who give him the 14 supports necessary to achieve The absolute majority. We know that EH Bildu is contrary to the help of bullfighting in the Basque Country, as it is related to Spanish.