Bullfighting is renewed old

Bullfighting is renewed old

Bullfighting, or the bullfighting sector, is renewed very slowly. In the opinion of some fans, "too little" and others "too much". There has always been those who defend evolution and "hardliners".

Of course, new ideas are always welcome, especially in terms of art is concerned, and so it is with the new advertising campaign Simon Casas Production, through the creativity of Joserra Lozano, for the Fair of El Pilar de Zaragoza 2016 (tickets here)

Last year he got a wake-up call, perched with the "figures" in original positions and aesthetic and this year it has again achieved by using the wet collodion.

Ancient large format cameras and photography techniques, dating from 1851, and using the impression of light in large metal plates and glass of silver nitrate with long exposures that can not be repeated, which reach a large beauty, away from the "industrial" pixels.

Here you can see the process of creation of these works of art, with wet collodion, which make perfectly reflect the authenticity and age of bullfighting, through a process very old photograph. 'Olé for Joserra Lozano and Simon Casas Production !!