Taurine Union Valencia has invited amateur and professional to a demonstration in Valencia on March 13, 2016, at 15:00, under the slogan "Los Toros, Culture, Roots and freedom of a people."

Encourage all fans to the bullfighting culture to attend this event to say "enough is enough" and to demand "respect for cultural, legal and protected by the Spanish Constitution activity."
The demonstration tour of the city streets and ends in the ring of the arena of the street Xativa, with the reading of a speech.

This is the full statement:

In these times where, almost daily, abuses are being committed against the Feast of the Bulls without legal foundation, bullfighting fans call on the authorities to fair and equal treatment from the rest of Spain and the State of respect Law and adopted standards that are the foundation of our society.

In our community, public festivals have broad support from society, as evidenced by over 8,400 celebrations held in 2015, over 50% of those held throughout the State Spanish.

The fans and the world del Toro, of Valencia, has said ENOUGH and has decided to go outside to demand respect for cultural activity, LEGAL SPANISH and protected by the Constitution, while making an economic engine nobody can deny.

We demand the respect they give us the Laws, before the attacks of "anti" groups and also to those from certain political sectors.

Far from altruism and values ​​touting those who attack us we can not escape such attacks they are behind major economic interests and funding from international companies and organizations that seek to threaten the identity, culture and history of a people towards impose a new model of society that hides a large private business.

That is why, we want to extend this call to all the fans and all the bullfighting sector. You have to be heard above all the political and social landscape of all the Autonomous Communities, as the attacks are taking place in almost all of them.

See you all next day, March 13, at 15: 00h., In Valencia, in the demonstration through the streets of the city and will conclude with the reading of the manifesto in the arena of the bullring, under the motto: 'Los Toros, Culture, Roots and freedom of a people'.