April Fair of Sevilla 2016 looks set to be a very complete and attractive exhibition, with the return of all or most of the figures of the current bullfighting.

The basis of serial conforms Morante de la Puebla, with up to five paseíllos. Easter Sunday, San Miguel and perhaps Corpus, and two evenings at the Fair of El Baratillo (bullring of Sevilla)

Corrida confirmed, March 27, Sunday Resurrection Seville Bulls Garcigrande. Morante de la Puebla, J.M. Manzanares and Alejandro Talavante

Another posh bullfighter El Juli is returning. Surely bullfight  these livestoks to complete two evenings: Nuñez del Cuvillo, Daniel Ruiz, Juan Pedro Domecq and Victoriano del Río.

Another returning surely is Alejandro Talavante, which in addition to the bullfight of Resurrection will fight Cuvillo or Jandilla, completing 2 afternoons.

Other bullfighting in Seville will be repeating José María Manzanares, like last year, andwill fight surely, three afternoons.

Other Sevillian bullfighters who form the serial significantly be Diego Urdiales, Lopez Simon and Roca Rey, which is "going strong" since last season.

They should close contracts and confirm your attendance as important bullfighters Miguel Ángel Perera, Enrique Ponce.
Surely it is hiring Cayetano, who has confirmed he wants to make the little walk in all major fairs are expected.
By completing the quality of this show would be confirmed if Antonio Ferrera is engaged to handle six Victorines, as has been offered, and the performance of bullfighters as expected: El Cid, Padilla, Manuel Escribano, Daniel Luque, Borja Jimenez, Miguel Angel Delgado.

In short, clearly it seems to be holding a fair, after several years somewhat gray in the presence of all figures.

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