In this Salamanca Fair, in the practical competitions, a new invention will be tested in the flags. It is an invention developed by the Valencian retired bullfighter, Manuel Sales Garrido, a true genius who has already developed the "retractable" flags that have produced such a good result, avoiding many serious injuries to bullfighters.

The current change consists in replacing the traditional "V" or anchor harpoon with a cone-shaped harpoon, which would not be left out of the skin as in the traditional case and that often hurts bullfighters, when entering to kill, or while performing the task. This new cone-shaped harpoon also does not destroy the animal's flesh because it stays in the bull's skin.

Recall that Manuel Sales developed the "retractable" flag that allows the flag to fall on the animal's back, once it strikes the bull, avoiding bullfighter injuries, especially on the face and eyes of the fighter. It was a great invention and it has been very practical.

In addition, Sales has patents developed in other utensils such as the chopstick. Hopefully you can try and if it works like the rest, serve as evolution in the fight of the bull, because it needs an improvement in all fields of it. The animal should not be bled excessively and this is also in redundancy of a better and purer show

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