In a season where there are always outstanding issues, as in all developed, we echo, in the midst of the noise of the sale of tickets and bullfighting, the first reprieve of the legendary livestock of bull called Miura in its long history.

It is at least strange that such an old and important breeding of bulls in Spain, never in its history of 177 years, would have ever obtained a pardon, but it has been so.

It had to be on June 22, 2019, in the Sevillian town of Utrera, where the pardon of the now famous for the story has taken place: "Tahonero", black coat, with the number 42 and 570 kg of weight. It was fought by the bullfighter, also from Seville, Manuel Escribano, who reappeared after a very hard goring in San Isidro, with a bull by Adolfo Martín (Spanish), on May 30, 2019

The breeders of Miura, Eduardo and Antonio, declare that they have known the fight of even better bulls but that this has been very important, for its quality and its transmission throughout the fight. They miss that the father of livestock has not been able to enjoy, by death, this excellent historical triumph

For Antonio Miura it is «a beautiful coincidence» that the first pardoned Miura was in Utrera «since the cattle ranch of Cabrera was born there, blood that our bulls have». The farmer highlights the behavior of «Tahonero» in the plaza. "I liked it a lot because everything he did was brave. In the crutch you had to be very firm with him. Manuel Escribano could not relax, he had to be always in tension. They gave him two strong jabs and the bull pushed and surrendered on the horse as well as banderillas. It's amazing how long he was in the ring and he was still fresh. Now it seems as if it has not been dealt with, "he says. after the cures of the veterinarians.

It is also noteworthy that Manuel Escribano also pardoned a Victorino Martín bull in Seville ("Cobradiezmos"), a historical fact that very few bullfighters will have in their curriculum.