These are some of the statements made by the managing director of Bullfighting Affairs of the Community of Madrid, Manuel Ángel Fernández in the COPE chain very recently.

Bullfighting depends on the world, and in particular in this country, of certain basic pillars, among which the economic and political stand out. In the economic the panorama is not very encouraging, since it is a sector that depends too much on the box office, lacking powerful sponsors as it may happen in other cultural fields.
And the politician who is intimately linked to the economic. Very few political parties are showing their explicit support for bullfighting. Not because of subsidies, so protested, but because of explicit support for a sector that is classified as cultural and essential for this country.
A bullfighting sector that supports him, but "with a small mouth".

This is the current position of the political parties that are part of the Congress of Deputies:

The nationalist parties (Galician, Basque, Catalan, Valencian, Navarrese), and even those of other communities, in a residual way, are against bullfighting. Many of them are not more explicit because of the social pressure of their Autonomous Communities that still have a strong bullfighting roots.

We can and their white marks. Against bullfighting. Openly and explicitly.

PSOE. Against bullfighting. At the municipal level some mayor may not follow the national line, but you can not rely on this game for the bullfighting industry.

Citizens: After a promising start for the sector, in recent times is marking a dangerous trend towards anti-bullfighting. Albert Rivera, its leader, has gradually been unmarked, as well as his new signing for the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Manuel Valls and the progressive absence in their electoral programs.

PP: It is certainly the only party that has shown explicit support for bullfighting. Let's hope he continues on this path.

VOX: For now, it's a mystery. They have other "problems" at hand, but the support of bullfighter Morante de la Puebla and the closeness with their leader Santiago Abascal invite optimism. Hopefully it is not simply an electoral advantage of the politician. He does not have a presence in Congress, for now

This political panorama, and taking into account the radical leftist drift of today, is quite pessimistic. The political groups, including the PP, have not made a clear cultural promotion in the public media (RTVE) for years, and this has had a negative influence on the new generations, in addition to constant media outreach programs.

Returning to the statements of Manuel Angel Fernandez has spoken on other issues, such as the works of the bullring of Las Ventas (Madrid), bullfighting schools in Madrid and other matters.
The Community and the Bullfighting Center are in charge of the Bullfighting School of "EL Yiyo" which takes place in the bullring, since the El Batán Center, which is dependent on the Town Hall, has been disqualified. We must remember that the mayor of Madrid is in the hands of Podemos and this is the work against the constant bullfighting of this political group, facing the Community of Madrid, in the hands of the PP.

Fernandez again expressed the support of the regional government chaired by Angel Garrido to the Bullfighting. "There have been specific moments where this support has been complicated. From amendments to leave without budget the Bullfighting Center or attempts to prohibit the entry of minors to the places of the Community. Sometimes we have felt alone. If today's minors still can go to the bulls is because the PP voted against the claim of Podemos. It is a personal commitment of Ángel Garrido and the PP of Madrid to defend the Fiesta de los Toros ".

In May 2019 there will be regional elections that can mean a change of direction in that support if there is an electoral turnaround in the Community of Madrid. If the Fiesta could be in danger in Madrid starting next June, Manuel Ángel said that "I would like to say no. First of all it is a right that we have.

As for the works of the bullring of Las Ventas de Madrid, they continue, since this year 2018 and next year, since it is necessary to comply with the security regulations to be able to continue giving bullfighting shows, and not bullfighting , which is the idea of ​​the company "Plaza 1" and the Madrid institutions.

"After the works undertaken this year in the broadsides, now it is time for a second phase that we are going to undertake with minor works in terms of security in halls, corridors, corrals and offices. And finally, the most complicated phase, that of bleachers, broadsides and runs is slower. We have to agree both firefighters and the Directorate General of Heritage to be a protected building, "said Manuel Angel Fernandez.

The political leader confirmed that "we are studying all the possibilities so that the capacity is as great as possible after the works and that security increases. The preliminary draft is being finalized so that it can go out to tender. But no one worry, that all paid next year will keep its same site during San Isidro. This last phase of works will begin after the Fair. Right now we can assure you that until July of next year you will see festivities in Las Ventas with total security. If the works affected something, which I believe will not affect, it would be in the month of September, "Manuel Ángel Fernández concluded.

Photo: "El Español". Left. Jaime García Garrido, a native of Nautalia Viajes; Centro, Simon Casas, manager of Plaza 1, Las Ventas company (Madrid); Right, Manuel Ángel Fernández, manager of the Madrid Bullfighting Center.