The platform "Movimiento 15 F" has already been formally established. Members of the organization taurine February 15, 2015 in Castellon and the public response to the violent acts committed in Olocau del Rey (Castellón) have legally established a platform for advocacy and support bullfighting.

The objectives of this platform are:

- Disseminate and promote knowledge of bulls as a cultural value.
- Defend the social, cultural and economic interests of the bull party.
- Strengthen the new generations the culture of the bull.
- Keep the spirit of the 2015 15-F, each 15-F.

The spirit is to keep the motivation and enthusiasm that gave the 15-F of 2015, where more than 10,000 people gathered to defend the culture of the bull and bullfighting.

The action to be performed is shared among all municipalities, clubs, associations and commissions bullfighting, a protocol to guide to any altercation and denounce bullfighting serving a sentence for defending a completely legal act.
Another major objective is promicionar among the younger culture of bullfighting people to be understood and respected, for it celebrate bullfighting activities in collaboration with schools, clubs and municipalities.

Of all the different advances and be informed on social networks: Facebook and twitter.
Fans can contact the following mail for any initiative or doubt