The "lobby" animalist already know that they have several open fronts: bullfighting, hunting, fishing, circus and zoos.

The cruelty has been, on this occasion, against the company "Circos Reunidos".
On Monday, April 2, a truck that transported elephants suffered an accident in the province of Albacete, on the A-30 motorway, at the height of the town of Pozo Cañada.

The transport complied with all the required permits and homologated characteristics. One of the animals died and two others suffered injuries, which were cured "in situ" in a field hospital.

The chaos took place for a few hours when the animals were free and could not be done with the tamer "who suffered hard attacks, wishing" death, instead of animals. "

The political animal training PACMA has not been slow to come to the fore to remember the 'zero law', a proposal presented in May last year and which includes the prohibition of the use of animals in circuses, a measure that has already applies in countries such as the Netherlands, Hungary, Greece or Bosnia-Herzegovina

The company "Circos Reunidos" does not rule out sabotage since it would not be "the first time" something of this kind happens and that "very radical animal groups are dedicated to this type of action", points Ignacio Pedrero, the spokesman for this company .

The coercions and aggressions against companies and entertainment staff with live animals is increasingly continuous and violent. The press and this sector has been echoing this problem in recent years.

We hope that this event is investigated in depth and above all, our State defends these sectors of the violent animalistic attack.