This coming March 3, at 5:30 p.m., we must review a particular event. The tribute-farewell of an aged bullfighter who was important in the decade of the 70-80 decade: José Nelo "Morenito de Maracay".
He said goodbye last year to the Venezuelan taurine fans (very punished by the Bolivarian government of Nicolás Maduro), and this year he does so from the Spanish one.

It is a unique opportunity to attend this event, which will be accompanied by top-level teachers such as Enrique Ponce, Javier Conde, El Fandi, Cayetano, Lopez Simon and the novillero Daniel Barbero. The steers will be from different livestock.

"Morenito de Maracay" would complete this year exactly 40 years of alternative, as a bullfighter, since he made his alternative on September 24, 1978 in Barcelona having as godfather the recently deceased Dámaso González and witness, unfortunately also deceased, José Mari Manzanares . Since then he has developed a long career in Spain and America.

A complete bullfighter in which desetacó his great work with banderillas. "Morenito" is part of the memory of many generations of young people who saw him fight, in places of first, second and many third category, where he gave 100%.
The bullring where the festival will take place will be "Las Rozas" (Madrid), inaugurated in 2011, and with a first level indoor facility.

The arena that rised in the area called El Zahurdón in a multipurpose building of three plants where there is also a shopping center, restaurants and recreational areas.

Inside, it is a modern building, with a capacity of between 4,000 and 6,000 spectators depending on the show, and with spacious layouts.

It also has a large corrals and its exterior appearance is far from what is a bullring, since it is a rectangular enclosure. However, inside it retains the flavor and form of a bullfighting bull.

Come to this dear and necessary memory to this great bullfighter, and spend a great afternoon of bullfighting.

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