The closure, yesterday January 24, 2018, of the facilities of the School of "Marcial Lalanda", in the Batán of the Casa Campo, is just one of the symbols of bullfighting that politicians are tearing down. Only the PP (Popular Party) is the one that still defends this sector and every time with the "smallest mouth".

The bullfighting sector does not have a spearhead of sufficient power to meet with the public authorities and put pressure on these problems. It is done by denouncing the different media, blogs, social networks and little else.
The Foundation of the Bull of Lydia is doing a great job, but its journey is still very short, but in this they are, we must support them.

More than 40 years of a School that has given great bullfighters and people (teaching values), such as Joselito, El Fundi, El Bote, El Juli, Miguel Abellán and so many others.

An area, that of El Batán, which dates back to the 18th century, in Madrid. A small trapero mill (of those that "model" the fabrics to blow bases) on the banks of the Meaques stream (the one that crosses the Casa de Campo) is to blame for the name of the neighborhood. The reason? A fulling mill is the machine that, in the mill, transformed the fabrics. That is why this area was already known with this nickname since before 1772, the year in which the mapmaker Vargas Machuca published his map of Madrid with the "Batán" area included.

At the end of this year 2017, the City Council granted the School "Marcial Lalanda" a grant of about 30,000 euros (32,648.10 euros to Tauromaquias Integrated) but with a gift to give the final stake now. You already know with politicians: First I give you the Bullfighting Prize in 2015 (to the School), then I do not renew your activity; I give you a small grant for "the one who will say" and I close the facilities in January 2018. This is the work for the bullfighting of "Ahora Madrid". Contrary 100%

And the big problem is that they will continue to close bullfighting symbols, and those of us are, we see no solution, because there is no "negotiating table" to address these issues. Simple letters and protest manifestos are written, but that is not enough.
A negotiating table or call for demonstrations is the minimum, for now.