It seems that the end of this year 2017 leaves good news for bullfighting. The slowdown of the fall of the number of celebrations in the season should add the presentation of the School of Bullfighting of the Community of Madrid José Cubero "Yiyo", and the resurgence of the School "Marcial Lalanda".

The first (José Cubero "Yiyo") inaugurated by Ángel Garrido, president of the Bullfighting Affairs Center, accompanied by the Center's managing director, Manuel Ángel Fernández, by the school's director, José Pedro Prados 'El Fundi', by Professors Miguel Rodríguez and Rafael de Julia, and Rafael G. Garrido and Nacho Lloret representing Plaza 1.

The second (Marcial Lalanda), with the direction of José Miguel Arroyo "Joselito", along with other professors such as José Luis Bote.

The first takes place in the bullring of Las Ventas (Madrid) and has a registration of 72 boys and girls and the second in the Plaza del Batán (Madrid). The first, subsidized by the Community of Madrid, and the second by the City of Madrid.

It seems that after two years, we have the great news that the Madrid City Council, at the hands of "Ahora Madrid", has changed its anti-bullfighting policy, 180 degrees and has, at least, the intention of recognizing the cultural importance and values ​​that bullfighting can offer young people. A subsidy of 32,000 euros.

At the moment, the teachers of the "Marcial Lalanda" school hold meetings in which they talk about it, and they recognize with joy that the treatment received by the Carmena government is very different from that suffered in the first months of local government.

'Our intention is to train students in something more than bullfighting because companionship, sacrifice, loyalty to traditions and many other values ​​are typical of bullfighting but transcend beyond it'

To the practical teaching, varied theoretical curricula are added and coordinated by experts.

The School of Bullfighting of the Community of Madrid will launch, as a novelty this course, a theoretical curriculum, with training on all aspects of bullfighting, which will be taught by professionals in the sector and will be coordinated by the writer and journalist Paco Aguado . This pioneering plan will be divided into three levels, depending on the ages, educational level and abilities of the students.

We hope this good news will follow this hopeful path and that what has started "Ahora Madrid", the white brand of "Podemos" in the capital of Spain, will be extended to the rest of the country.

It is true that we believe that this is a chimera or a utopia. We do not believe in this Spanish anti-cultural left, among which is bullfighting. Maybe it's just a help for an election, and it's just crumbs certainly. It's something. We hope that the team of "Joselito" and Martín Arranz will become strong in this section and become bullfighting horses.