In recent years an alarming fall of festivities was developing. There was no year where a recovery could be glimpsed. This 2017, at least, has stalled and there has been a small increase of 10 celebrations more than in 2016. 3 more festivities in first places, 1 less in the second places and 7 more celebrations in third places. It is not a great growth but, at least, there has not been more decrease.

We must bear in mind that with the policies of leftist parties (the different brands of Podemos, PSOE, and sometimes, Citizens) are deciding to dispense with the bullfighting shows in their towns and cities, mainly in the 3rd category, and some of greater importance as: Baleares, Álava, and almost in Alicante. Even so, up to 11 municipalities have restarted their bullfighting offers in their municipalities.

With 20 bullfights in first class places, Roca Rey and Alejandro Talavante are the leaders of the ranks. The Peruvian surpasses the Extremadura by the number of ears: 19 against 15. Next, bullfighters like Ginés Marín, Enrique Ponce and Paco Ureña add 17 celebrations.

Roca Rey is the one who has played the most, too, in the second category places. 24 festejos has to his credit this bullfighter who has based his season on the relevant matters. The result is in sight: 33 ears. Below, El Juli with 21 and Cayetano with 20 complete the podium.

These are the bullfighters who have fought the most in third-category competitions: Juan José Padilla (34), El Cid (28), Manuel Escribano (23), Fortes (23), Cordobés (22), Juan Bautista (17) or Curro Diaz (17). searches for you and gets tickets for the entire bullfighting season, wherever you are. Or inform him about his online sale. Request your tickets here.