The Councilor of Presidency, Justice and Portavor of the Community of Madrid, Angel Garrido has confirmed that the works of reform of the bullring of Las Ventas (Madrid) will begin approximately after the Fair of San Isidro 2018, which ends in the middle of June. The objective is to take advantage of the days left by the bullfighting celebrations of the season (weekend) to turn the bullring into a multi-purpose site reference. The works have been awarded in the public company "Obras Madrid" (the old Asproma) and are expected to last about two years.

Ángel Garrido informs that the "Plaza 1" winner of Simón Casas and Nautalia, already knew these conditions and that they needed the authorization of the Madrid City Council to carry out non-bullfighting events in the bullfighting arena, and that they do not make a big difference in profits to the stipulated. Even with this, the winning company will have to renegotiate its contract with the Community, contemplating an increase in the adjudication or other measures.

The project has a budget of some 15 million euros, which is paid by the Community of Madrid.

The most important novelty is that the granite structure where the seats are placed will be completely changed, which will lead to a reduction in the number of seats. (currently 23,700 seats). The characteristics of the seats, such as the square is of Cultural Interest, the last opinion will have the General Directorate of Heritage

The new seats will be wider. "We are considering replacing this granite with a layer of concrete, less heavy, and then we have to put a new seat model on it". In this phase it is possible that the pillars supporting the lines are reinforced.

Making larger spaces necessarily implies a reduction. The first row is going to be eliminated, to make the lower aisle much bigger. The steps of the steps will also be widened, placing handrails, so that the row of seats on each side of the stairs will also be eliminated. At least 1,500 locations will be lost.

Mobile exits from the sand to the stand will be enabled. "It is not expected that new lifts will be installed.
It will also strengthen the security of the broadside, the upper tier, whose seats are very inclined. They will put on rails to improve the subject of the spectators. And the center of electrical transformation inside the plaza, next to line seven, will be buried or it will be taken out of the arena. The structure of the square will not be affected.

Therefore, the works of reform are delayed since the initial idea was to start the works in the month of October-November of 2017. Nor does it appear the habilitation of a roof that was one of the first and essential ideas of the rehabilitation works of the It was built in 1929 and inaugurated in 1931.

The fact of the reduction in the capacity of the square will obviously mean a change of subscribers and free locations. The changes will surely be reflected in the face of the Autumn Fair of 2018, since for the weekend celebrations certain sectors of the square will be closed (work by phases)