There are not many bullfighting cultural associations on the globe, or less than we would like, to do the work of defending and promoting bullfighting. But, given the great pressure of animalistic and mascot lobbies on the international scene, it is almost a miracle that they exist. Let us hope that we, in Spain, know, at least, to maintain a nexus of collaboration and mutual support.

To know these are the ones we know:

- Taurean club of Paris, founded in 1947, which one of its founders was the great Pablo Ruiz Picasso. The president of the Club is Jean-Pierre Hédoin.
In the nearly 400 bullfighting clubs spread across France and Belgium, the Paul Ricard have more than 15,000 members. Paul Ricard's is the only brand that supports in France any expression of bullfighting.

- London's bullfighting club has 340 members, most of them from the United Kingdom, but also amateurs from 18 different countries. The current president of the Taurino Club of London is Mark Rayner

- Milan Bullfighting Club, founded in 1984, and founding the "Italian Taurean Club" in 2014, with the presence of the maestro, Juan Antonio Ruiz "Espartaco". They award "prize to the Emotion", since 1991.

- Portuguese tauromáquico group of Lisbon "Sector 1"

- Chicago Bullfighting Club (USA)

- Bullfighting Club of New York. Its president is Lore Monning.

- La Peña Taurina "Los Suecos". The oldest and largest taurine rock in northern Europe.

- Of more recent foundation, the Bullfighting Club of Munich, with its prize the Lion of Bavaria, with its president Moritz Roever.

- Russian bullfighting club, with its president Xenia Tenyakova.

- Peña Taurina San Miguelense (México)

- Club de Aficionados Taurinos PUCE (Ecuador)

- El Vicenstista (México)

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If you know of any international cultural association, write us to our contact e-mail, with your data and we will include them in our links. So you can also link to our page in order to get information and reserve tickets for the different fairs in our country, Portugal, France or in South America.