For a long time, the last decade fundamentally, the bullfighting sector has become a social group persecuted, vilified, instigated and why not say, marginalized. It has gone from being an important and almost characteristic group of our country to being a social group strongly vilified and persecuted.

There are several causes for this:

- The warm defense, if not contrary, of the central or national governments for the promotion and promotion of the sector. Even though the Constitutional Court has declared Intangible Cultural Property of Interest, the Governments have done little to implement it, through promotion and defense both through institutional and media or general social education.

- The global and planned attack of platforms, anti-bullfighting NGOs, supported and subsidized by "animal" corporations, which, in fact, are promoters of the business mascot, food, and transgenic products. An attack that is extended to the rural and natural environment, very ecological in our country.

- The support of cultural sectors, usually subsidized by these companies, and social media in the form of support and boycotts to sponsors, harassing natural financial support to a legal sector and protected by law.

- The role of amplification and insidious information of the media in the protests at least minority of these sectors mascot and animalistic, against a majority social sector in favor of the bullfighting sector.

- Silent behavior and negligence in the protest of the bullfighting sector itself and its social sector, against these instigating behaviors. A bullfighting sector that has not been able to stay united and perform coordinated tasks in pursuit of social denunciation, through repeated demonstrations, and legal before the courts of justice.

The bullfighting sector is protected, as we say, by the Spanish Constitution, the maximum legal guarantor of this country, and by the penal code, through its article 510, in the speech about the promotion, promotion or incitement directly or indirectly to the hatred, hostility, discrimination or violence against people, providing for the assumption that it is carried out through the Internet, is why it is worth analyzing.

The detailed study of Article 172 Ter of Organic Law 1/2015, based on repeated harassment against individuals, also known as "stalking" or "cyberstalking", through cybernetic technology, such as the Internet .

In conclusion, being a collective of people repeatedly violently harassed and affecting our vital, social and economic tranquility, the bullfighting sector should, in a collective and coordinated way, carry out protests and social and legal denunciations before the institutional means that are necessary. This should do sooner, than late, that is, already.