There are only a few days left to finish the bullfighting season of 2017: The Fair of El Pilar de Zaragoza, Jaen and some other celebration in some of the Spanish cities.
Like every year, all fairs and faenas have pieces of particularity and emotion, but, as always, we must review the most significant events of the year.

Undoubtedly, an important date for the tragic was that of June 17, 2017, with the death by goring of right-hander Basque Ivan Fandiño. A bull of Baltasar Ibán, in the French town of Aire Sur L'Adour, wounded Fandiño to death, after falling in the sand in a quite the bull that corresponded to his companion of terna, Juan del Álamo.
Also worthy of mention is the death of famous bullfighters in bullfighting from the 60s to 80s, such as Dámaso González, Palomo Linares and Gregorio Sánchez.

Apart from these tragic news, it is possible to announce news that are not so negative but they are not very happy, such as the low season in Morante de la Puebla in the middle of August or José María Manzanares in the middle of the season. The first for not wanting to follow the season for personal psychic and the second for problems in the cervical.
It is also worth mentioning the happy news, such as the multiple Doors Great and triumphs in great fairs of the different bullfighters, as well as the appearance of young bullfighters like Ginés Marín, Juan del Álamo or Roman.
Behind all the usual news or related to the bullfighting of the day to day of the seasons, do not forget the big problems
that put to the world of the bull and have intensified this season 2017.

- Animalism or "mascot". An economic, cultural, social-battered movement, promoted by large international corporations of mascot, animal food,
or transgenic food, whose main objective is to eliminate the rural subsistence and the natural and ecological life of the Iberian dehesas. In addition to
traditional Iberian culture of bullfighting that has been intrinsic to Spain for thousands of years. Many movements supported by these transnational corporations
"Use" of actors, organizations and political parties (PACMA) to carry out this work.
The impairment of human ethics, replacing it with a hypocritical animalistic ethic outside of the natural and ecological realiadad of Nature. Humans rejoicing at the
death of a bullfighter or a boy who likes bulls are clear examples of a serious moral illness.

- The flight of the economic sponsors outside the bullfighting sector due to the continuous social boycott by the animalist suffragans (with social influence)

- The problematic of Fairs that, by the influence of parties like We can or PSOE, are not included in the development of the season, adding
the squares of Catalonia, Vitoria, La Coruña, and the decrease of people in places like Bilbao.
However, San Sebastian has maintained in a very meritorious way the rebound of last year.

- The little evolution in the production of varied and imaginative cattle and bullfighting posters, to break the static routine of posters of fairs of every year, from
years ago. Search for new business tactics so that the fans have a greater motivation to go to the bullrings.

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