As an example of the struggle that takes place between the world of bullfighting and the world of "animalism" there is no better reference and objective to meet, than what happened between September 2 and 6 of this year 2017.

A Peruvian novillero, Rolly Pezo Morales, is caught gravely in a bullring of a locality in the middle of the precariedad (we refer to means of help before fucking): Cotabambas (Apurinac, Peru). Entered in the hospital of Cusco there are neither human nor technological remedies to be able to take care of the serious wounds of this young person.

A few men / women, as quickly as possible, should get private money, contacts and much desire). An account is opened to raise help, however little it may be. On September 5, the fuck was on September 1, an ambulance-medicalized ambulance is obtained to transfer the novillero to be cared for conveniently in Lima, the Peruvian capital.

This altruistic operation, outside the governmental and institutional channels, since politics (say power) hardly wants to know anything about bullfighting (like the plague) has shown that there is still union, and it has been shown that the humanism that breathe this sector is much greater and palpable than what is reflected in the "animalistic" world which, after all, is as false and hypocritical as that of the majority of society.

A society that loves animals, pets, and not always, and that human misery says it feels great but good as "we are already accustomed" or maybe not even bother them so much, it is not something "mine", like the puppy from my house.

Rolly Pezo is one of us, and has developed the best possible, before a fatal outcome.

Thanks to such names as: The Peruvian bullfight, Andrés Roca Rey, Juan Pablo Corona, Carlos Ruiz Villasuso and his team, the novice friend Valentino, and many more people who have joined their arms and support for this matter.

With these stories, one feels much more human !!. So far from those who consider us the animalists or simply those who do not care to delve into the world of the bull !!

This text of Carlos Ruiz Villasuso is indispensable. A clear and compelling summary, at the same time beautiful, of how our world, the world.