The autonomous city of Melilla on the African continent is going to become curiously one of the bullfighting referents of this 2017 season. Due to its location, the attractiveness of the cartel (both bullfighters have a great national and international franchise) and its claim value.

It is a joy that there are trade fairs and posters very interesting in the world, given that in our own country we are suffering continuous political, economic and social attacks of animalism and / or "mascot"

The celebration bullfighting will be held on September 7 in Melilla at 18:30 hours with bulls from "Manuel Blázquez", encaste Núñez del Cuvillo, con Juan Mora y Antonio Ferrera. The 70th anniversary of the Melilla bullring is celebrated: "La Mezquita del Toreo"

The two bullfighters profess great admiration and respect. Juan Mora made the following remarks: "After having shared evenings with many of the greatest bullfighters, on September 7th I faced one of my greatest challenges, trying to fight as well as Antonio Ferrera San Marcos does."

And so, the right-hand man Antonio Ferrera, also from Extremadura:

"I will never forget when, at only 9 years old, in the Bullring of Mérida, a bullfighter extending his cloak, he made me so moved that I could not contain my tears." The man dressed in lights that evening was Juan Mora.

Full unprecedented in Melilla. The hotels have posted the complete poster and the planes on both flights from Madrid and Malaga also have closed days. An economic injection for the sensational and unprecedented city.

"The most optimistic forecasts have been overflowing and Melilla is going to live a historic day on Thursday, September 7," says Rafael Tejada, entrepreneur and promoter of a run that has taken on a major event inside and outside the Autonomous City. "It is a poster made up of two bullfighters of worship and the public has understood it," says Tejada who elaborates: "I wanted Melilla to become a bullfighting pilgrimage point and offering a poster of this scale, has been achieved. It was an ambitious but very worked project and the results are there. Bullfighting must walk on quality trails. '

An attractive city, a reference point of reference, the singularity of a bullring in Africa and a poster that can only be enjoyed in Melilla are the cornerstones of a project that has made the Autonomous City the epicenter of Bullfighting. "The ideas are to be put into practice and that we have done," says Rafael Tejada. 'The direct and indirect economic impact of the bullfight is going to be very important. Melilla has become an attractive focus for lovers of select and exclusive posters, "he explains.

The run by Manuel Blázquez will arrive in the Autonomous City on Tuesday morning, a day in which begin to reach bullfighting fans in all corners of the world. "There are requests for tickets and travel bookings from across the peninsula, from France, Colombia, Mexico and even supporters of Juan Mora and Antonio Ferrera de Alemania," reveals Rafael Tejada.

Hopefully, instead of cities that refuse to offer bullfighting, there are more and more places and places around the world to protect it, promote it. And the view is interesting and much, when the posters make it also interesting.