The political parties of the left, nationalists, We can and their "white marks" continue their fight against the tradition of the bullfighting and the bulls in our country. This political front, supported by the warmth of the PSOE and the not enough "hardness" of the PP makes the progress is made gradually and unrestrained. The issue that each Autonomous Community can regulate the shows in their own way allows them to be able to circumvent the prohibition of the Constitutional Court.

One of the Communities that follow this path of the hypocritical "animalism" is the Balearic archipelago.

The parties of the Pacte, most of the left, formed by the PSOE, We and Més, resume their attempt to end the bullfights on the islands and bring a new law to the Parliament with which they tried to implement what they described as bulls "A la balear". Namely:

No banderillas or anything that could hurt the animal, and a group of legal and economic obstacles in order to prevent the celebration of bullfights. Veto to the wine boots, prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages in the squares, the anti-doping controls of the bullfighters and the whole gang. Contract insurance for 360,000 euros and fines of up to 100,000 euros for those who breach the new regional law.

Prohibition of minors until 18 years of age.

Only the capote, the crutch, without banderillas, stock or "no sharp instrument that can hurt or kill the animal" will be allowed. They will prohibit the presence of horses, veiling the rejoneo, and will only allow 3 bulls per run, with only a show duration of 10 minutes per bull. The animals must belong to the nearest livestock, with special conditions for the transfer of the bull, and arrive at the square with 2 days in advance.

They will prohibit them from being held in chiqueros and demanding that they leave directly from the pens. They will also prohibit the novilladas. When finishing the bullfight, the bulls must be returned to the cattle once they have passed a physical and psychic inspection to check their status.

They will be harshly regulated and without subsequent sacrifice of the "correbous".

They will ban circuses with wild animals, as well as the use of animals at parties and the filming of scenes that imply "cruelty, mistreatment or suffering" to animals.

In short, a new step to restrict and ban traditional bullfighting shows. A new step of "torear" national laws. We already know what entails that each Autonomous Community legislate autonomously and independently and what it means for the crazy management of this country, in all areas. There will come a time when the legislations will be by deputations or by provinces, since the laws are broken according to pleases.

Animalism will try to circumvent all sorts of laws in pursuit of its hypocritical struggle. We already warned that the unconstitutionality of the prohibition of bullfights left too many legal loopholes, which have not delayed in taking advantage of these political parties.

This supposes as in many other things a new fracture between one Spain and another, in a subject so important cultural, economic, social and ecological, that should have been settled long ago.

The last esperpento happened today, day 16 of May of 2017, when the City council of Alicante, with its left parties have prohibited the sale of tickets for the Fair of Hogueras of June of Alicante, when the Taurine Commission that depends on the consistory already Had approved this whole matter.

Crazy, hear !!