GANADERIA EL AÑADIO: PRIZE CONSERVATION OF THE IBERIAN LINCE, as a web page of the bullfighting sector, always tries to emphasize the beneficial character of bulls and bullfighting in the society, culture and economy of a country, and everything that "drags" around.

In this case, no one can doubt that the Taurinos are the most ecologist and naturalist in the world. And is that in the herds and meadows of Spanish bravo, is where more species are preserved and defended from our entire ecosystem. That's why bullfighters, bullfighters, entrepreneurs and bullfighters are the most ecologists in Spain.

A good proof of this is the award received by the Livestock El Ajunta by the Life + IBERLINCE project 'Recovery of the historical distribution of the Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) in Spain and Portugal', which has recognized this currency whose farm is located In the municipality of Vilches (Jaén) for its Conservation of the Iberian Lynx.

The last edition of these Iberlince Awards, which recognize the work of collectives, institutions and people who have contributed to the preservation and conservation of the Iberian lynx, have been distinguished, in addition to the co-owner of the farm El Adio, the Platatorma Ciudadana Yecla, Of lynx, in Murcia; The Association of Schools of Mértola, in Portugal; The Commonwealth of Waters and Services of Llerena, in Extremadura; And the Castilian cattleman Manchego Jose Maria Gil de Santivañes de la Mora.

The fifth Iberlince 2016 Prize for the Conservation of the Iberian Lynx was for the livestock María Jesús Gualda Bueno, co-owner of the farm El Adio. The Jury highlighted its active collaboration with the protection of the species since 2009. In addition, it was one of the first owners of farms that adhered to the initiative to remove the Iberian lynx from species in critical danger of extinction

We have already indicated in an earlier article the importance of the wild dehesas for the conservation of the natural ecosystem of the bull and of a large number of Iberian flora and fauna. It is a means that we must carefully take care of the attacks of the utopian and extremely hypocritical "animalism" that surrounds us, and which is financed and supported by "lobbies" that are of no interest to the natural environment or the bull, or in this Case, the Iberian lynx.