This bloody weekend has brought true guardian angels to the forefront: Bullfighting surgeons and their medical teams.
A very humble bullfighter of a town in Seville that with sacrifice and much discipline reached very high levels, and remembered as a great bullfighter, especially between 2004 and 2007. A bullfighter, a favorite bullfighter in Madrid, says goodbye he shuns it or denies it, "it is not little
Brief review of the history of bullfighting in Spain. Bullfighting and anti-tourism and the arcaigo roots of the bullfighting tradition in the European and Spanish people.


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The changes and evolutions of the bull bull fight, provided they do not break with the purity of it, are fundamental. Changes in the puya, banderillas and the form of itching are essential to take care of them.
This year the "I Ivan Fandino Prize for Human Values" has been established and awarded. Surely the bullfighter of Orduna (Vizcaya) would be very proud of this award and that outstanding men of science, arts and humanities could take a prize with his name.