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The Cornovarus epidemic has caused this season's bullfighting fairs to be suspended or postponed until further notice. A disaster that we will see how it recovers.
The history of Spain says otherwise, and that bullfighting will never disappear. Times paint very black. Maybe it's just a new crossroads?
Alejandro Talavante has just released another "bombshell". To the Easter Sunday of Seville their 3 afternoons join in San Isidro (Madrid). The job of their attorneys: Joselito and Joaquín Ramos is to give a pleasant surprise after another.
The story of a bullfighter who lives among nuns is repeated. "The Child of the Nuns", from film to reality this March 12, 2020.
One of the most anticipated and important bullfights of the bullfighting year already has bullfighters and livestock in Seville. Discover in this news who they are ...