The draw and the kick come back to Madrid (Las Ventas). San Isidro 2019 will have a draw for 10 bullfighters and 10 first level ranches. Will any figure be scored after the collapse of Alejandro Talavante?
In this month of January already begin to outline the fairs of the beginning of the bullfighting season 2019.


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The Foundation of the Bull of Lydia together with the Federation of Taurine Entities of Catalonia, the Peña Taurina de la Garrotxa and Abel Robles, novillero Olotano have presented a petition for the celebration of bullfighting in Olot (Gerona). An important day for the start of a route that we hope will be lasting
It will be the first time of many, the day of the Bullfighting? . It was held on October 9, 2018 in Valencia and has thrown a good amount of money to invest in the Foundation of the Bull of Lydia and therefore in the defense of bullfighting, which is sorely lacking. Congratulations to all the participants! and of course to the attending fans.
This award to joins others received throughout these 18 years of bullfighting information, such as: "The High Timbre of Honor of the Taurine Association of Mérida (Venezuela), on May 20, 2016 to the director of the media D. Carlos Ruiz Villasuso or the "Prize to the informative work" of the "Welcome Dynasty" in 2003, to the digital media