The "Zero Law" of the PACMA animalism party believes that more than a law of protection and welfare of animals, it is a law aimed at the denaturalization of life and the transhumanization of man. Not for something positive but negative. Finish also with the natural world and hacinar man in an urban and unnatural life. Read the book "A Happy World" by Aldoux Huxley
The farewell of one of the American bullfighters with more baggage in the last third of the 20th century. Morenito from Maracay
On Thursday, February 15, posters of the Seville season will be made official.
Iván Fandiño, the bullfighter and the man who fought against everything and against everyone, to gain a place in history and faith that got it.


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Pepin Liria will be one of the great attractions of this bullfighting season 2018. Welcome!