About to end the Spanish bullfighting season 2019, this post is almost mandatory.

We always point out that the pillars of the party are: the bullfighter, the bull and the fans. Without these three key points it is impossible for bullfighting to develop.

We do not forget the farmers, of course, or the entrepreneurs, proxies, and other professions that surround this sector, but the first three are essential. A brave bull, a man / woman who dares to face it and fight it with art and a hobby that contemplates that show and pays for it.

On these premises, a farmer commits during his life to forge and print the bravery of his bulls, an entrepreneur to manage that show, the proxies to know how to take those bullfighters to develop their value and talent and many more professionals who make everything This moves as effectively as possible.

And always, we cannot say no, we forget, for their role in the shadow, and in the background (not for bullfighters), surgeons. Those "angels" who care for and protect the lives of bullfighters.

This end of the season has been so hard for bullfighters that bullfighting surgeons have come to the forefront.
García Padrós and Val Carreres, at the forefront, but there is more. They, the best known, in first-class things, they, the great strangers.

Few we knew and few should know that there is a web page dedicated to this sector

Updated to this day, marking the news of the moment, emphasizing the surgeons mentioned above.

A bloody weekend, in the bullring of Madrid, with the fuck of Gonzalo Caballero, and fundamentally of the Coso de La Misericordia, never better said, of Zaragoza, with the catches of Mariano de la Viña, Miguel Ángel Perera, and let's not forget, of the trimmers, the "Guindi" and "El Aguilucho" that have gone more unnoticed.

We do not forget all the catches of this season, always hard, and other priors, with shots of Enrique Ponce, Rafaelillo, José María Soler, Gerardo Angelino, and so many that the list would be endless.

The Spanish Society of Bullfighting Surgery (SECT) is working tirelessly, although it does not have enough media echo so that the development of bullfighting surgery is carried out in a regulatory and correct manner.

At the beginning of 2018 they gave this clear communication: "We want to announce that the SECT Board of Directors has concluded the drafting of a future single health regulation for bullfighting celebrations and of application throughout the national territory. This project will be presented shortly to the corresponding Directorate General of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for analysis and approval, if applicable.

While this project is not legitimized, it is necessary to mention that the requirements stipulated in Royal Decree 1649/1997 that regulate sanitary facilities and medical-surgical services in bullfighting shows remain in force. Simplifying its content we want to insist that all bullfighting celebrations to be held in any bullring, fixed and portable, must have three elements: a Nursing or a Mobile Operating Room, a Medical Team with a defined staff and at least one Sanitary Transport Vehicle type Mobile UVI. "

We must not forget that many lives of bullfighters, and more we are seeing this last weekend, have saved their lives thanks to the expertise and knowledge of medical teams and surgeons and also that the fixed sanitary equipment have been correct. Many other lives have not been saved by not having the precise and sufficient facilities

It is the bullfighting promoters and entrepreneurs who must emphasize having all the necessary means.

As always it would be necessary a sectorial table, in which, among other matters, to develop and improve this field of surgery, among all. Do not wait for new misfortunes.

The SECT has 25 years of history with the clear objectives of profusely combining and profiling a profession that does not exist as such (medical specialty of bullfighting surgery)

- Unify criteria
- Improve nursing
- Lay the foundations for the medical treatment of bull horn wounds
- Dignify the bullfighting cirijano

"Mea culpa" that we remember them, only when there are misfortunes, and they save lives, they are there, let's not forget them.

The bullfighters, the last heroes of the 21st century. Surgeons, bullfighting or not, and doctors and healthcare team, the usual angels. Partners of the Spanish Society of Bullfighting Surgery.